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Title : Sin
Release Date : June 16, 2017
Format : CD

Songs that invite you to the dishinibition, the loss of control, the fantasy without barriers and the elimination of prejudices through crude, naked, honest and intimist lyrics and always taking care of the beauty of the composition.

SIN is the unique and exclusive brain of a material as compact with ideas as clear as those shown on this album, which are brimming with energy, idealism and self-demand.

Looking at the rock and roll classics, SIN has been searching for years for its niche in that quality status in which its greatest influences are found. For this reason the music will remind you of the best AC / DC riffs, mixed with The Beatles vocal harmonies, Smashing Pumkins sound force, and the dirtiest and stoner sound of bands like Kyuss.

This debut album shows the qualities of an artist who does not fear to use the keys of composers and bands that introduced him with passion into the world of music. He has also taken care of creating his own character, a kind of evangelizer of rock and roll, who reveals all the repressed hypocrisy of today’s society.

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